Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thank You Chookyblue

Every year our online stitching group Friends in Stitching have a secret santa xmas swap. I was very excited when this parcel of goodies arrived in my mailbox and even more excited when I discovered that Chookyblue was my swap partner. The five small gifts were to be opened each day from the 20th to 24th December.
These are the gifts that I received and it was so much fun having something to open leading up until the big day.
And this is what was waiting for me under the tree on xmas morning. Aren't they just gorgeous.
The two stitcheries in the wallhanging are so very cute and I just love the fabric that Chooky used.
Here is a close up of the top stitchery - it didn't come out very well in the previous photo.
Thank you Chookyblue - I just love them.
Kylie xxxx

Monday, 24 October 2011

21 Again

Today I celebrated a birthday. I had a lovely day - a sleep in, breakfast in bed, morning tea on the verandah with my Mum and Dad and then this afternoon some stitching.

As part of my online stitching group everyone is given a partner to make for their birthday. This year we are to make something starting with the letter of the town where we live. My partner Helen lives at Jimboomba. This afternoon my parcel arrived in the mail which was very exciting.

Inside the parcel was this lovely box

Filled with all these goodies starting with the letter J
Jewellery wrap
Jelly Beans
Jewellery kit
Japanese fabric
Jasmine Candle
Jingle Bells

Thank you Helen - all my gifts are gorgeous.

I also received these fabulous bowls and platter from my brothers family. Aren't they just the cutest

I have been flat out over the last few weeks with my new business and BAS time so there has not been a lot of stitching going on. I have been working on some secret santa stitching but also managed to get this little stitchery finished off at cricket on Saturday morning. The stitchery is from Rosalie Quinlan's Little Patchwork Village and I have used French General fabrics. It will eventually be turned into a cushion (hopefully by xmas).

Chat soon

Kylie xxxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh Deah!

Has it really been 3 months since I last posted?? I can't believe how time has flown. I have been busy (as we all are). I have started up my own bookkeeping business and have also started some study, so that combined with my normal work, kids, husband etc has taken up so much of my spare time.

Anyway here are some things that have been happening around here lately

Firstly, something sad, we said goodbye to our wonderful friend Max. Max was 15 years old and was the best dog ever. He was part of our kids lives since they were born, has camped, fished, moved homes 4 times and was never far from any of us. We miss him everyday.

Some additions to our family - 6 chooks - our girls are now laying 6 eggs a day and are great to have around. DD has named them all and her favourite, Clucky, gets carried around, kissed and cuddled without ever complaining.

The other girls to come to live with us - 8 Dorper Ewes. And yes DD has named them too. These photos were taken not long after they arrived at the end of June. Since then we have welcomed 5 baby lambs - and yes, they have been named as well - Rambo, Buck, Sophie, Barbara and No Name.

At lastely I have found a little time to sew - these cushions are from Camille Roskelley's book Simplify - these cushions are super quick and easy - you can have two wipped up in an afternoon.

Oh and I never forgot (how could I) - much excitment - tomorrow I am off on my twice yearly Quilting Retreat to Middlebrook Station

Always a great weekend with lots of laughing, food, drink and stitching. See earlier posts.

Happy Stitching

Kylie xxx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Some Stitching

I am slowly getting through my pile of WIPs.

I am stitched the binding on my 40th birthday quilt (I will soon turn 42). It has sat for months with just the binding to attach (why do we leave this step for so long) but now it is done and hanging over the back of the lounge in the lounge room.

This quilt has sat half pieced for about two years. I have used a Me and My Sister pattern called Cake Walk and a Crazy Eight Jelly Roll and Layer Cake. It took me forever to cut it all out but once I started piecing it came together really quickly. I am super pleased with how it looks and am hoping to have it completely finished by xmas.

More blocks done for my Friends in Stitching BOM.

Kylie xxx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Quilting Retreat Part 4 - Some Finishes

Despite all the eating, laughing and drinking we do manage to get some sewing done. The first morning can be a little slow to get going (we have a rule that no-one sews on the first night - that is set aside for catching up) but once we start there is no stopping us. I think that the last ones sewing were still up at 1.00 am .......

Sharon turned this ......

.... into this ......

This quilt was made for a home ec teacher who was retiring (most of these wonderful ladies work at the local high school). Some of the people who worked with her contributed fabric and took a turn at making up a block then Alison put it all together and will quilt it. The background and border fabric is covered in cute cooking utensils.

This quilt is gorgeous. I love the mix of pinks and greens.

Mandy's hexi quilt which apparently has taken her years to finish - well done Mandy

Yvonne finished this ...

and this ......

One of my favs from the weekend .... I just love red

and lucky last my Fandango quilt. I just love the fabrics in this range and especially against the white. I have since added three borders and it is huge .... covers a queen size bed.

Kylie xxx

Quilting Retreat Part 3 - More Show and Tell

More show and tell

Alison's quilt - you can't see in the photo but Alison has done some amazing quilting on this quilt. She recently updated her quilting machine to a computerised one and has been having a great time playing with all the different designs.

Cheryl made this quilt for her son

Margaret's quilt - love the colours in this one

This is my Gardners Journal so far. I think it looks really good laid out but unfortunately I have not gotten any further with it since this photo was taken.

Kylie xxx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Quilting Retreat Part 2 - Show and Tell

Our quilting weekend would not be complete without show and tell. Here are some photos of the projects which these talented ladies have completed in the last six months

This is one of Tonia's amazing creations

Tonia picked this little quilt up whilst holidaying in Egypt (hope I got that right Tonia)

Another of Tonia's amazing quilts

Lindy never ceases to amaze me with the amount of incredible quilts that she finishes in six months - do you ever sleep Lindy?????

Lindy made this quilt to raffle at The Biggest Morning Tea. It is made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and chenille.

Yvonne's hidden pinwheel quilt

The gorgeous Trish

I can't remember who made this quilt because they are hiding behind it but I think it was Mandy ....

I will be back tomorrow with some more Show and Tell and some finished tops from the weekend.

Kylie xxxx

Quilting Retreat Part 1

Twice a year in March and September 20 or so gorgeous ladies (including me lol) travel to Middlebrook Station for our two day quilting retreat. We always have a fantastic time with lots of ..................

Stitching and drinking ...... at the same time - very talented I am .....

a good dose of laughter ......................

lots of silliness ....... Sharon and I after thinking we were getting attacked by a pesky mouse .....

and Margaret our Mighty Mouse catcher ..... just check out those yellow gloves lol

and yes we do get a lot of stitching done. Check out my next post for some very inspirational photos.

Kylie xxxx

Monday, 18 April 2011

FIS Hatched & Patched Swap Part 2

This is what I made for Jo - a mug bag using Bliss fabric - very bright and cheery.

Kylie xxx

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I mentioned in my last post that my job for this week was to clean up and organise my sewing room (which also doubles as an office). Well I had all good intentions to start today but during a phone call to organise for my DS to catch up with his mate, my friend Raelee asked me if I would like to go to the Aberdeen Quilt Show with her and, of course, how could I say no. The Quilt Show was quite small but had a good range of impressive quilts on display and some stalls of local quilt and bookshops. As it was spare of the moment I forgot to take my camera (nothing new) so I don't have any photos to share. We had a lovely morning tea while we were there and it was good to have some grown up girlie time for a change.

Anyway back to the sewing room - well as you can guess nothing got done today but I did manage to take some before photos

the sewing table

cutting table

I also need to clean out the cupboard which is full of scrapbooking supplies that I don't use. I have found it very hard to try and keep up with two crafts so quilting has won and the scrapbooking is going to make room for more fabric (as if I need it).

Well I had better get motivated.

Chat soon

Kylie xxxx

Saturday, 16 April 2011


We have just returned from a wonderful weeks holiday at Yamba on the north coast of NSW.

We enjoyed glorious sunsets .....

Fantastic fishing ......

and fun in the sun .....

The weather was amazing - sun every day. We have now returned home to cold weather and rain .... time to break out the trackies and slippers.

My job for the second week of the school holidays is to clean up and organise my sewing room (and do some stitching of course). I will be back soon with an update.

Kylie xx

FIS Hatched & Patched Swap

Recently I participated in a Hatched & Patched swap with my online stitching group Friends in Stitching and these are the wonderful gifts that my swap partner Razzy made for me - aren't they just fantastic - thanks Razzy.

Chat soon

Kylie xxx