Saturday, 26 February 2011

I'm Still Here

I am still here but my sewing mojo has been on holidays somewhere far far away. Not much has really been happening in my sewing room over the last month.
I have been working on some secret stitching which I cannot show you for the Girls Day in the Country at Nundle next month and also my Friends in Stitching Birthday swap gift. I have one more swap gift to make and then I am all done (well for now anyway).
I went on a shopping trip to Singleton recently and just had to drop into Busy Needles. They had just gotten in the full range of Collection for a Cause - Hope. I don't like all the fabric in the range but did fall in love with these ones. I have so far made one placemat completely and have four more tops but together. I did need to go back and get more fabric which I did last week so now I can finish the other three.

The on-line stitching group which I am part of - Friends in Stitching - each year do a Block of the Month. Last year I failed miserably and bearly got a start on it but this year I have been determined to keep up and finish. These are the first two blocks - Cathys Campfire and Steps to the Alter. I am using a mix of Holly Holderman fabrics that I have had stashed away for a while. They are sooo yummy and I am just in love with the red and white spot.

My Gardeners Journal is coming along VERY VERY slowly and unfortunately will not be finished to take to Nundle next month but I will get it finished ...... eventually.
Mmmm now what to do next ......
Kylie xxx