Monday, 28 September 2009

I have been slack .....

Well I have been very slack over the last week and have not done any stitching so I have nothing to show in that department. After a full on weekend of quilting a couple of weeks ago I think I was ready for a little break. So what have I been doing instead you ask? Well I have been reading this ....
..... and have enjoyed every moment of it. This book contains books 3 - 6 in the series. I recently finished the first three which were fantastic and could not wait to get into these ones. Now that I have finished these I am very keen to purchase some more. I am going to hold off though because when I read a book nothing else seems to get done. So I think it is time to put down the books and pick up the stitching again. I am feeling very inspired to complete a quilt using some traditional quilt blocks like in these books. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very tempted to purchase one of the Elm Creek Quilt Books which has quilting patterns in it, especially the Sylvias Bridal Quilt book. Does anyone own any of these books???
I have a very busy week ahead - TAFE exams, school concerts, work, my sons school cricket match and all the other lovely chores that us wonderful mothers have to attend to. I probably will not get a chance to post again until the school holidays start.
I hope everyone has a great week.
Chat soon
Kylie xxx
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Friday, 18 September 2009

A Finish ... Some Progress ... and maybe a start

Just a quick post to show what I have been up to. I have finally finished my Project Caddy by Rosalie Quinlan and I am really loving it. The big base allows me to see everything that I have in there and I am not loosing things down the bottom like in my other sewing bag.

Have made a start on the second block of my Nice People Nice Things Quilt. I am doing this a little different to the original as I want to have the sayings and the pictures on the front of the quilt and there were some that didn't really appeal to me so I have picked out my favourites. I purchased a Jelly Roll and a Honey Bun in the moda range of fabrics 'Object of Desire' and just bordering the stitcheries with these. I purchased the pattern whilst on our North QLD holiday last year and thought that Object of Desire was nice and bright and tropical. I always like to buy some fabric and/or pattern when we go on holiays as a momentum of what a great time we had. Sometimes though it does take me a while to get around to making them.

This was one of those times when I went to the local quilting shop for some thread and came out with fabric (sometimes I even come out with an entire quilt so I try not to make a habit of going in there). Am having some friends around tonight for some stitching so I might just have to make a start on this one.

Hope you have all had a great week.
Kylie xxxx
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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What a Great Weekend .... and a finish

I do apologise that it has taken me a few days to do this post. It took me two days to get everything back in order after I was away. My darling dh took the kids and the dogs camping for the weekend so of course I had a mountain of washing and ironing to do and could someone please tell me how the house can possibly become messy when no one is home!!!!
Well here I am with my quilt - not quite finished as I decided that it really needed borders (the pattern does to include borders) so I have been in contact today with the lovely Kerry and have ordered some border fabric so the finished product will be a little while coming.

Also check out this gorgeous quilt made by my 'drinking partner' Yvonne. I just love it love it love it. It is made from the Jitterbug range of fabric. It is so bright and cheery and I am soooo jealous lol.

A great weekend was had by all. We ate way too much, drank too much, laughed until our tummies ached and sewed and sewed and sewed. It was very sad when the weekend came to an end.
I also have a finish. I started this quilt last September on our quilting weekend and thought I had better try and get it finished for show and tell. I quilted it myself and had it all done for the weekend except for the binding handstitched down which I have done over the last couple of nights in front of the telly. It is made from the moda range of fabric "A Little Romance" and it looks very at home on dds bed.

Well dinner is almost ready and the troops are starving so until next time.
Kylie xxxxx
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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just One More Sleep ....

Tomorrow afternoon at 5.00pm I will be picking up my friend Caron and heading off on a quilting weekend with 18 other women. We won't need to go too far though because our destination is only 10 minutes from town (just close enough to make a dash for more supplies - sewing and otherwise). Twice a year our group head out to Middlebrook Station for a weekend of sewing, eating, drinking and lots of laughter (and not necessarily in that order). I have some fabric which I purchased from Kerry in blues, browns and pinks (a lot of the fabric is the same as in chookyblues champagne quilt). I will be using a different pattern which is very simple so it should come together very quickly. I am also taking out some stitching and other WIPS to have a play with as well as some yummy slices and alcoholic beverages. I will be back after the weekend with some pics of what I have (or have not) managed to get done.

Until then
Kylie xxxx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

But Wait there's more .....

Boy I think I've worked it out!!!
Here is a full photo shot of the quilt at the top of my blog. It is only the quilt top which is waiting patiently on my quilt stand to be quilted and I also do not have any backing at this stage. I made this quilt entirely from my stash (well except for buying a couple more cream background fabrics) and of course now I don't have anything big enough in my stash to back it. I think another trip to Nundle might be in order for this one. Kerry always has a good selection of country fabrics to choose from.

This quilt top is for my darling boy for his bed. It is made from a moda range of fabric called Trail Adventures which is a great boy fabric with lots of deer and bush designs on it. I have made a quilt for my dh out of the same fabric but a different design which he uses in his swag - I will post a photo of that quilt another time. Of course this another top waiting to be quilted and once again I need to buy backing fabric.

This is my Hemming House quilt. I bought these charm packs when I was on holidays at South West Rocks at the beginning of the year. If there is a patchwork shop handy when we go on holidays I always like to buy fabric to make a quilt as a reminder of what a great time we had. I just love this range of fabrics. I just made the design up myself. The inner green border fabric was given to me by my girlfriend from her scraps and the other border was actually bought to make an apron for my mother-in-law (she got a quilt instead). This is another quilt waiting patiently to be quilted - I seem to have a lot of those don't I.

Well it is very late and my brain is now fried from working out all this blog stuff so I am off to bed. Sleep tight everyone and happy dreams.
Kylie xxxx
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More Photos

Well I think I have finally worked out this whole photo thing.
This cushion was given to me as a kit by my gorgeous mum for my birthday last year. It is a Sally Giblin Design which I just love.
Oops now I can't work out how to get more photos onto this post. I will work this out so please be patient.
Back soon
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Hello Blogland

After lots of encouragement from Bec I have finally started my own blog. Thank you Bec for all your lovely emails.

A bit about myself - I have been quilting for about seven years now. I started when my babygirl was only one year old. I made my first major quilt on a quilting weekend at Nundle with Kerry and have not looked back. Since then I have made stacks of quilts, wallhangings, cushions and bags. I have named this blog after my little business that I ran a few years ago where I designed and sold small patchwork pieces, mainly cushions and wallhangings, through ebay, markets and also to some shops wholesale. I did give this away after a while as it became too much as I also worked part-time and with two small kids it really began to take over my life and left little time to sew for myself. I am really really good at starting projects but sometimes not all that great at finishing. I have been reading a lot of blogs and have found that there are a lot of you just like me out there and you know what, I don't feel guilty anymore - bring on more projects I say lol.

Why did I decide to start my own blog? Well I have been reading lots and lots of fabulous blogs over the last few months and have been really inspired by you all out there and have loved looking at all your wonderful projects, getting some fantastic ideas and I decided that maybe if I have got so much out of your blogs then maybe someone might just get something out of mine. So I have decided to start this little blog to share with you all what I am up to and also to keep me inspired and keep me stitching along. I am also looking forward to becoming involved in some of the fabulous swaps that are happening at the moment and simply sharing my craft with likeminded people.

The photo at the header of this blog is a quilt top that I have finally finished by Anni Downs which was published in a Homespun Magazine about two years ago and that is how long it has taken me to get it finished. When I have finally worked out how to upload photos properly I will show you some more things that I have made.

Until then