Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Last weekend we travelled to Sydney for three nights. Our DS has been to Sydney a few times but only to the cricket and our DD has not been at all so it was quite an experience for them and very hectic.
We went to the Sydney Aquarium. This was DD favourite and she loved all the sharks and stingrays.

Went to the top of Centerpoint Tower. The weather was not great but we were still able to see a fair bit.

Went to Taronga Zoo. The seal show was just great - the seals are just sooo cute.

And we went to Luna Park. This was DS favourite. We did not go on all the rides as some of the faster rides are a bit out of our comfort zones but we did do the ferris wheel (what an amazing view), the tango train (my arms are still sore from holding on soooo tight), Coney Island and DD went on some of the small rides as she was not big enough for the others.
The kids loved sideshow alley and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Eating fairy floss on a stick at Luna Park.
We did all of this in two days and we very exhausted when we finally got home. We did have a great weekend but I have to say that I have had about my five yearly dose of Sydney. I really am just a country girl at heart. When we got home the kids could not believe how quiet it was - aah give me the country any day.
Chat soon - Kylie xxx
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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fantastic trip and got lots of happy memories - heights are out of my comfort zone so you did more than I would have lol. You're right though - best thing about going away is coming home again. Luv shell x

clare's craftroom said...

Kylie that reminds me so much of my family we get all excited when we go to the city but love coming back home to the bush . Glad you had such a great time .

Cardygirl said...

Looks like fun! i am the same...brief bursts of Sydney then let me out!

Cubby House Crafts said...

nice to get away..makes us appreciate home more! I agree..give me the country to the city anyday! lisa