Monday, 28 September 2009

I have been slack .....

Well I have been very slack over the last week and have not done any stitching so I have nothing to show in that department. After a full on weekend of quilting a couple of weeks ago I think I was ready for a little break. So what have I been doing instead you ask? Well I have been reading this ....
..... and have enjoyed every moment of it. This book contains books 3 - 6 in the series. I recently finished the first three which were fantastic and could not wait to get into these ones. Now that I have finished these I am very keen to purchase some more. I am going to hold off though because when I read a book nothing else seems to get done. So I think it is time to put down the books and pick up the stitching again. I am feeling very inspired to complete a quilt using some traditional quilt blocks like in these books. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very tempted to purchase one of the Elm Creek Quilt Books which has quilting patterns in it, especially the Sylvias Bridal Quilt book. Does anyone own any of these books???
I have a very busy week ahead - TAFE exams, school concerts, work, my sons school cricket match and all the other lovely chores that us wonderful mothers have to attend to. I probably will not get a chance to post again until the school holidays start.
I hope everyone has a great week.
Chat soon
Kylie xxx
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Jeanette said...

Hi Kylie, I own all of Jennifers novels & all of her pattern books. I love tham all. I'm hoping to start the bridal sampler one day soon. Hugs Jeanette

Bec said...

I have all the sewing books too. The quilts are beautiful. While I don't aspire to make the bridal quilt, I do use the block patterns and get ideas from them. Maybe we can arrnage to meet at Cottage on the Hill and you can have a look at my books before deciding if you want to purchase any?????