Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hello Blogland

After lots of encouragement from Bec I have finally started my own blog. Thank you Bec for all your lovely emails.

A bit about myself - I have been quilting for about seven years now. I started when my babygirl was only one year old. I made my first major quilt on a quilting weekend at Nundle with Kerry and have not looked back. Since then I have made stacks of quilts, wallhangings, cushions and bags. I have named this blog after my little business that I ran a few years ago where I designed and sold small patchwork pieces, mainly cushions and wallhangings, through ebay, markets and also to some shops wholesale. I did give this away after a while as it became too much as I also worked part-time and with two small kids it really began to take over my life and left little time to sew for myself. I am really really good at starting projects but sometimes not all that great at finishing. I have been reading a lot of blogs and have found that there are a lot of you just like me out there and you know what, I don't feel guilty anymore - bring on more projects I say lol.

Why did I decide to start my own blog? Well I have been reading lots and lots of fabulous blogs over the last few months and have been really inspired by you all out there and have loved looking at all your wonderful projects, getting some fantastic ideas and I decided that maybe if I have got so much out of your blogs then maybe someone might just get something out of mine. So I have decided to start this little blog to share with you all what I am up to and also to keep me inspired and keep me stitching along. I am also looking forward to becoming involved in some of the fabulous swaps that are happening at the moment and simply sharing my craft with likeminded people.

The photo at the header of this blog is a quilt top that I have finally finished by Anni Downs which was published in a Homespun Magazine about two years ago and that is how long it has taken me to get it finished. When I have finally worked out how to upload photos properly I will show you some more things that I have made.

Until then