Thursday, 7 January 2010

Saving Money

Look at me - two posts in one day - can you believe it!!!!
A few days ago our family decided to follow my brothers idea from last year and start saving all our $2, $1 and 50c coins to buy a special family gift (or at least putting it toward christmas presents). Last year my brother was able to buy a new Plasma TV for this family with his savings. So today we went to the Reject Shop and purchased one of these daggy money boxes. On bringing it home we were trying to find a suitable place to put it where we could see it and be reminded to place our coins in it. I do not have a lot of cupboard space and it was just way to ugly to sit out on display. Anyway this afternoon I was doing a little blog surfing and jumped onto Fionas blog to check out her frugal tips and low and behold she had a post about covering an old tin to make a money box. I dug around in the kids craft box, found some pretty fabric in my stash and off I went.
So after only about 15 minutes I have now turned this....

Into this...

I was a bit lazy and did not do a lovely label like Fiona has but I think it looks pretty smick nonetheless and now I am more than happy to have it sitting out on the dresser. The kids are very excited about it to and have already dug deep into their pocket money and have contributed $10 already - way to go kids!!!

I think this would make a quick and cheap gift idea for someone and you could also cover small containers to make pen holders or long skinny holders with lids for knitting needles - the possibilties are endless.

So why not jump over and visit Fiona at Mums Cupboard for her instructions to make this money box and while you are there also check out her other frugal tips.

See ya soon

Kylie xxxxx

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Wendy B said...

I'm following your lead my lovely friend! I know I've got one of those 'ugly' moneyboxes around here somewhere, and plenty of beautiful fabric so I have not excuse!....Now, just gotta find the $1 and $2 coins to go in it!!hehehe
XXX sugary hugs
Wendy ;o)

Anonymous said...

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