Monday, 22 March 2010

FIS Leanne House Swap

I am part of an on-line stitching group called Friends in Stitching and I recently participated in a swap where I had to make something from a Leanne's House pattern.
This is the apron which I made for Peg. This is not the best photo but if you hope over to her blog she has taken some much better ones. This such a lovely pattern and a pleasure to stitch.

This is what Dawnie made for me and I just love it. I have always wanted to make this pattern but have never had the chance so it was such a wonderful surprise when I opened my package. I have a thing for red at the moment so I was very excited when I saw the fabrics. They are just gorgeous and the photos do not do it justice.

Thank you Dawnie for making me such a wonderful gift and Peg, I am so glad that you are happy with yours.
Kylie xxx


Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful apron...........and love the prezzie from Dawn swap......

Bec said...

The red looks stunning! I love it! Dawnie did a fabulous job!
I love Peg's apron, and she does look fantastic in it on her blog.... Looks like you enjoyed the swap...

Anonymous said...

The apron is just beautiful and personal for Peg.
And aren't you just so lucky to receive this couch companion from Dawnie. Lovely

Sarah said...

That apron looks wonderful Kylie! Peg looks pretty pleased with it doesnt she?!
And, that couch companion... gorgeous in the red! Such an unusual way to do it and it is SO pretty! Great swap
x Sarah