Sunday, 1 July 2012

Grand Plans

Yesterday I had huge plans in the sewing room.   I got off to a great start making some of these for an upcoming market.   Then the unthinkable happened ...... I sliced a huge chunk out of the side of my finger with the rotary cutter - OUCH .... as you can imagine there was a lot of blood (none got on my fabric thankfully) .... so for the rest of the night I was on the lounge nursing a very very sore finger (yes I am a sook) and I couldn't possible have cooked dinner, or cleaned up lol.

 It did give me a good opportunity to do some blog surfing and to really check out my new favourite blog Cluck Cluck Sew.   I so love this blog and all Alison's gorgeous patterns (some of which I have in my store.   I was particularly inspird by this red quilt that she made a while back.

I have this huge stash of red and white fabrics and have been waiting until I found something inspiring to make with them so I have decided to make this quilt (someday!) with this load of red and white loveliness.

Hopefully I will find some time during the holidays to make a start.

Chat soon

Kylie xxxx


Susan said...

Poor finger. We all live in fear of such an accident. Hope it mends soon. You probably won't be able to cook or clean for a few days (wink wink). Love the red and white, it's a winning combination.

Janice said...

You poor thing. I hope it heals quickly. On a brighter note, your mug cozies look nice a cheerful and it sounds like a great plan for your red and white collection. Just quietly, I have a similar box waiting for the right moment.

Vicki said...

Ouch, I'd have been sitting sooking as loudly as possible I reckon! Hope it mends soon and I agree with Janice - mug cosies look great :)

Cardygirl said...

Hope the finger is not too sore!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Where have I been ??? Look at your jazzy new blog xx Love what you've been up to. Love the new store too xx